Cool, Easily Customizable Map Resources

Lately on many B2B websites and company websites that have been redesigned within the past year or so, there has been a rash of large map areas that are in custom colors to match the branding of the website. These maps may be used next to contact information or even as a background on the contact page itself. This is a really cool idea because it really makes the contact information stand out and helps someone who is looking for directions to find you quickly and easily.


The first one I am going to go over is called MapBox.

MapBox is a website that allows you to completely customize maps to exactly the colors and styles you want. They have premium plans and free ones, and they offer mapbox.js, and some API’s for developers so you can insert your map directly into your website. I am not entirely sure of the range of use of this program, but it is definitely easier to implement than taking a Google Map and altering it to your desired colors and exactly your specifications.  I have not used it (as of yet) but i plan on trying it out as soon as I get a project that it will work within!

*Please note that this platform does not use Google Maps service, so there may be variations from a map through MapBox and a map through Google Maps.


Another custom map website that I found while perusing the internet is SnazzyMaps

SnazzyMaps is a repository for Google Maps that have already been modified to different color schemes. Check through the large library of pre-customized maps and if any work for you, they are easily implemented using Google Maps API and the code snippets that are found with each color theme. IF you want to include a custom Google Mapp on your website, this is definitely a great place to look to cut off some time in production!


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