QuirkTools: Great Free Web Development Resource

I stumbled upon this website and thought that it may be of use to others in the development realm as I have found it very useful. The website is


There are four different tools that can be used on the website, each offering an easy to use interface for different stages of development.

SMAPS: Quick and easy “drag and drop” style site map tool that you can use right in your browser. This is very useful in the beginning stages of your development to figure out where you will have links lead to and how you want the flow of your website to go.

You can have up to 3 active projects until you have to pay for QuirkTools premium plan. (Pretty solid deal!)

WIRES: Create interactive wireframes to your specified grid and layout directly in your browser. Really cool idea and, just like SMAPS, you can have up to 3 saved projects until they will make you purchase the membership.

SCREENFLY: This tool is phenominal. This is to test the responsiveness of your website. Simply enter the URL, and it will give you the option to view your website in multiple different size and resolution screens, right in your browser! You can use this tool for free anytime, as there is nothing that QuirkTools needs to save for you so this tool ranks up there with the best free resources for development that I have found so far online.

RETRO: This tool is cool as it will show you the exact dimensions, resolution, pixel ratio, viewport size, and IP address for the machine that you are developing on. This is also completely free to use and can come in handy at times.

QurkTools is a pretty awesome resource for the web developer to hone their skills on. If you’re weary on checking it out, I would say the screenfly feature would be the onre that would make you love QuirkTools.

I hope this was a help to developers out there, I’ll keep my eye out for any other cool tools and resources like this to pass along to you guys. Happy Developing!


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