Website Background Shifted to Left on Iphone5 / 4S (FIX)

Recently while developing a website for a local restaurant, I began testing on my Iphone 5 and found that although the content of the website was aligned center in the Safari browser viewport, the background seemed to be shifted over to the left, leaving a white block all the way down the right hand size of the website. After searching for a fix to this issue for a few hours I stumbled across an easy solution to the problem.

The Iphone 5 and, Iphone 4S both render a 1250px wide viewport. We must set this in our CSS using a @media query. We call our @media query at the end of our CSS page below our styles for desktop browsers. Anything that we put in the media query, depending on the size of media we specify, the @media query CSS will replace the original CSS. Thyis is  the basic framework for responsive development.

The Iphone 5 / 4S @media query to fix your background and center it in your mobile browser looks like this:

@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {

This will center your background in your Iphone browser viewport and make your website look good, even on the go!


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