Multiple Classes Applied to One HTML Tag

Today we are going to cover a topic that I have been asked about many times, adding more than one CSS class to an HTML tag. This seems like it may be complicated when you first think about ow you could add multiple classes, or even if it’s possible in HTML. In actuality, it is extremely simple.

In order to apply more than one class to an HTML tag, simply just put a space between your CSS classes when you call them in your mark-up. You can have two or more classes applied to a single tag and all of the CSS properties will be called and applied to your page.


<style type="text/css">

	color: #FFFFFF;
        background: #000000;

<div class="logo text">


It looks like it is too simple to actually be true but this is all you have to do to apply multiple classes to one HTML tag.

Thanks for stopping by!


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