5 Useful Image Hover Animations to Enhance the UX

I have been searching all over the web lately for the coolest, most interesting CSS3 image hover animation ideas to increase the user experience of site viewers. I have stumbled across the following five ideas and tutorials that really caught my attention as a user engaging in the experience a website offers. These are mainly only CSS3 although some of them use javascript and jQuery to make them function.

CSS3 Transition effects are being researched more and used more often in public websites enhancing the UX for the viewers and creating inspiration for other web designers.

Original Hover Effects with CSS3


Caption Hover Effects


Codrops is one of the best websites out there right now to find cutting edge web technology and fresh ideas to implement using existing technology. It is no surprise they land on this list more than one time.

10 Easy Image Hover Effects You Can Copy and Paste


Joshua Johnson on Design Shack has laid out 10 easy to implement pure CSS3 image over animations. If you are looking for quick and easy to deploy image effects to spice up your site, these are definitely worth looking at!

CSS3 Hover Effects


This tutorial created by Alessio Atzeni shows some really cool, original image rollover animations using CSS3 to enhance the user experience. Easy to implement and really interesting ideas!

CSS3 Hover Effects with Websymbols Tutorial

hover2This effect is really cool to use on an interactive infographic or a menu that uses icons or imagery to navigate. A little more exciting than the normal hover states for menu items. Great idea and easy to implement.

I hope you find these tutorials as useful and informative as I have, thanks for stopping by!


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